Bag of Essentials

Homelessness can arise from a wide-range of reasons that one would never expect. Sometimes people can go from a 6-figure salary to the streets within the span of a few weeks. Whether it be poor investments, domestic issues, substance addiction, or other life-altering situations. More than 235,000 people experience homelessness in Canada in a year, with anywhere between 25,000 and 35,000 being homeless on any given night (Statistics Canada, 2021). 

Although delivering a solution that can address the issue accordingly is often in the power of government bodies, local initiatives can provide aid to people when they are most in need of it. 

For this reason, the Transparent Philanthropy Foundation runs the Bags of Essentials project throughout the year. Items such as PPE, clean water, food, hygenic products, clothes, and more essentials are given away. 

The bag does more than just instant relief from hunger or cold, rather, it provides them with some tools that can be used to get an interview for a job and the support that those in their community are not against them.