Our Mission

When so much needs to be done in this world, we will not be another corporation which profits in the name of helping others. The integrity and trust which is tied with our name, is what allows our donors to be confident with every contribution.

What we help with:

Poverty Alleviation


Social Development

And countless more!

Every penny from all public donations will be strictly used towards events and direct support. That is our promise to ensure that you know that your contribution is going directly to those who need it most, without anyone else benefiting from it.

Large party's or entities can donate as a group and request to see the difference they have made. For example, money being used to create a water well, or a large food drive which was used to feed others in the community

Volunteer with us! 

We are always looking for individuals with character and a drive to make a difference. Complete our applciation form in our "Apply Now" subpage.


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