Shamsuddin Nasir

Growing up I had the opporitunity to see both my parents as devoted volunteers for various charitble orgnaziations. I was fortuante enough to see all the good they were able to accomplish with their efforts and this would intregue me to learn more about the organizations they were a part of. It was at this time I began to notice a trend that was common amongst many charitable organizations; I wasn't sure where exactly my money was going. I understand there are administrative fees and various other costs a charity has that arent neccsary to convey to donators, but it for some reason still didnt sit right with me. Thats when I decided to create the TPF, I think that non-profit organizations are unlike businesses, Every donator, contributor and colunteer has just as much a right to see where the funds are being allocated. Although not a name that rolls of the tongue, I chose to name this organization Transparent Philanthrophy to make evidient the status quo behind the organizations.